The Bitcoin Standard

Book Title: The Bitcoin Standard ISBN: 1119473861 How strongly I recommend it: 4/5 Stars In a world where everyone seems to have an opinion on crypto, Ammous goes back to basics, before spouting the usual arguments for why crypto will change your life. Though sometimes it can feel quite academic, I liked how Ammous explains why we need…More

Buy Now, Pay Later: Putting the Credit Card out of business

Buy Now, Pay Later Buy Now, Pay Later (‘BNPL’) services offer consumers a way to split payments for purchases over an extended period of time, often for zero interest. Whilst the US retail market is worth an estimated $800m, BNPL services only account for 4% of sales currently. In the e-commerce market, BNPL penetration is…More

The Anti Bubbles

Book Title: The Anti-Bubbles – Opportunities heading into Lehman Squared and Gold’s Perfect Storm ISBN: 1631579827 How strongly I recommend it: 3/5 Stars An easy read which I was able to read in one sitting. This book is basically a structured critique on modern monetary theory with practical applications on how to trade an eventual market correction. The…More

Think Like A Monk

Book Title: Think Like A Monk ISBN: B07YF3VPSP How strongly I recommend it: 2/5 Stars Fame, money, glamour, sex – in the end, none of these things will truly satisfy us. We’ll simply seek more and more, and in the end, we’ll live in a circuit that leads to frustration, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and exhaustion. In…More

The Black Swan: The Impact of the highly improbable

Book Title: The Black Swan: The Impact of the highly improbable ISBN: 978-1400063512 How strongly I recommend it: 2/5 Stars The central premise of this book is that random, profound events, or ‘Black Swans’, occur frequently, and we are pretty bad at dealing with them. The ideas discussed in this book are extremely valuable and…More

3D Printing Stock to BUY and HOLD for the next 5 years

In my previous write up, I looked at how 3D Printing is set to revolutionize manufacturing, particularly in developed countries. Since my post, we have seen very wild price action in the stocks of the most popular 3D printing stocks. Over the last six months, ‘3D Printing’ (DDD) is up 244% YTD, ‘Desktop Metal’ (DM)…More

The 4-Hour Workweek

Book Title: The 4-Hour Workweek ISBN: 0307465357 How strongly I recommend it: 5/5 Stars One of the few books that have made a permanent impression on me. The 4-Hour Workweek makes me question whether up until this point, I simply misunderstood life. I will say it is hard to see things the same way as…More

Curiosity Stream: Changing the way we watch TV

I have a confession – I rarely watch TV. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a 5-year-old which means that I can barely make it through a movie without checking my phone (or falling asleep). When I do watch something on TV, it’s nearly always factual content (streamed from an app on my phone).…More

Beware of the Reverse Repo

I’ve been seeing a lot of headlines about the Federal Reserve’s ‘Reverse Repos’ and the impact they are having on the broader financial markets. This all sounds complicated so here’s a quick explainer on what they are, what’s happening now and why I think it’s important. The Fed sets the Federal Funds Rate People normally…More

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Book Title: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future ISBN: 006230125X How strongly I recommend it: 4/5 Marked down because the writer flip-flops between Musk’s businesses and resultingly, it is somewhat difficult to keep track of the chronology. Amazon Page Link: Click Here How I discovered it? Youtube (credit to Ali…More

China’s Robinhood

The rise of Retail Investing Retail Trading has gone ballistic. In the US equities market, Retail Trading accounts for almost as much volume as Mutual Funds and Hedge Fund Trading volumes, combined. The ease (and gamification) of stock investing has opened up a new asset class to many ordinary people and has democratized the process…More

Why I’m (still) bullish US Equities

I’m a big fan of Ark Invest and the work of Cathie Wood and Brett Winton. I regularly trawl through their research pieces to formulate my view on the markets and to guide my investment ideas. This is a brief summary of my learnings and general conclusions from Ark’s most recent, ‘In the Know’ series.…More

Ecommerce Stock with explosive upside?

The global retail market is growing at 14% annually and it’s not close to slowing down. Even in 2020, an abysmal year for the US economy, total US retail sales grew by 7% (vs 2019), which in fact was the highest annual growth recorded since 1999. Ecommerce leading the way The key driver of this…More

Reflections on the stock market sell-off

Calling the markets turbulent over the last couple weeks is an understatement. Many new investors have not experienced drawdowns this large and based on the numerous emails/DM’s I have received, this seems to be leaving many bewildered, angry and scared. Instead of writing a specific stock recommendation, this week I’ve taken a step back to…More

Disruptive technology that’s saving lives

Organ transplants save lives. As of today, there are 114,000 people in the US (0.03% of the total population) that are on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. Meanwhile, since 1988, the US has averaged approx. 21k transplants per year, which simply isn’t enough. This means that most people on the transplant waiting…More

Property: The final frontier for the digital revolution

How often have you booked a hotel that looked great in the photos but when you get there, it’s cramped, dated and nothing like what you expected? That’s happened to me way too often. This has got me thinking about how the digital world can better handle physical experiences, like booking a hotel or viewing…More

Sofi: The ‘Amazon’ of digital banking

When I first moved to the US two years ago, it took me three visits and multiple hours to get set up with a local bank. It was a painful process. I haven’t set a foot into my local branch since and a few months ago, it was shut down permanently. This has got me…More

Rare Earth Metals: Impending Supply Squeeze

So we’ve all heard a lot about short squeezes in the stock market recently. In this post, I want to look at a different type of squeeze. I want to look at the supply squeeze occurring in the market for Rare Earth Metals and which stock I think has most the gain from it. The…More

Bitcoin: Stupidity Insurance

(1) Why does Bitcoin exist (2) How does it work and (3) Should you own it. Those are the three questions I aim to answer in this post. Part 1: Why does Bitcoin Exist? The Fiat Problem The key feature of currencies around the globe (post-1971) is that they are not backed by any physical…More

Driving the bull case for Auto-Insurance

The US auto insurance market is nearly the same size as US car sales market ($309bn vs $545bn)[1]. In fact, auto insurance is the second largest auto related market in the US; 14x bigger than the Car Rental Market ($22bn), 17x bigger than Car Auto parts market ($18bn) and 5x bigger than Car repairs market…More

Riding the tailwinds of Chinese E-Commerce

China will overtake the US to become the world’s largest economy by 2028, five years earlier than previously forecast, according to the UK based CEBR (Centre for Economics and Business Research)[1]. This bodes well for the e-commerce sector which accounts for a whopping 36% of total Chinese GDP today, compared to only 15% in 2008…More

3D Printing: Turning Science-Fiction into reality?

When I initially stumbled across 3D Printing, I dismissed it as a futuristic and unproven technology, propogated by investors who were trying to offload their positions onto the next naïve Robinhood trader. However, when I purchased my new car a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find out that this technology was actually used…More

I’m long Gold. Now what…

A week ago, I got long Gold and I’ve been frustrated with my position since. Not because the investment has gone against me (I bought calls on a Gold Miner, Kirkland Lake Gold, which are up 30%), but because I’m still not clear on what I’m actually investing in. To make things more confusing, everyone…More

Rare Earth Metals – Invest in the future

This week, I want to look at Rare Earth Metals (REM). It’s a nice segway from my previous post on Electric Vehicles, as these metals are a crucial building block of not just electrification technology, but most technologies we rely on today (Consumer Electronics, Medical Research, Defense…).More

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles – believe the hype?

As someone who missed out on the meteoric rise of the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market, the question I have been asking myself more recently is what will emerge as a viable alternative in the years to come. One such alternative I came across (on an episode of Jim Cramer’s, Mad Money) are Fuel Cell…More

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